OTHER PROJECTS - Smaller and older projects *sourceode included

Shipment map demo

This is a small OpenGL demo which I made while learning. It is a simple recreation of the Call of Duty 4 map Shipment. It has features such as a working camera, model loading, global and point lighting.

Pathfinding Tests

I made two simple console-based pathfinding tests using different algorithms; A* and the Lee algorithm. It is written in C++.

Bomb Bucket

An old game I made in which the objective is to shoot bombs that fall from the ceiling into the opponents zone to score points. The game can be played solo against an AI or in local multiplayer.

The Tower That Ate People (3TAP)

This is one of the first games I ever made. It is a bit of a mess of various features that I implemented to see how they work but overall I am very proud of it. The README contains a more in-detail list of the features and controls.

3TAP Level Editor

This level editor can create tilemaps for the game 3TAP the levels are exported as a custom png which can be read and loaded by the 3TAP game. The levels have two layers, base tiles and a dropped item layer.

Darts GBA

A simple darts game where you play against an ai to be the first to reach 0, always finishing on a double or better. The game is simple and good fun.

Lemmings GBA

A very simplified clone of one of my favourite games, Lemmings, for the GBA. This version only has one level and one appliable job as it was an early test for making games on the GBA so I kept it simple.

Dining Philosophers Problem

This is a program I made when learning parallel programming. It uses mutexs and barriers to control race conditions and proposes a soloution to the problem. The README should be used as the controls can be quite complicated.

Assault Course

This is a video of the first ever 3D animation I made in Maya. I used a pre-rigged character and created the environment. Then animated the character running through it.